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Full-featured newsletter PHP based script which fulfils all subscribers, emails, marketing and newsletter related needs for both personal and business environments.

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Creative E-Mail Contents

With a set of professional, customisable, pre-made templates included, you can start sending appealing newsletters to your subscribers within minutes.

It has robust, efficient and unique features! This is an all-in-one newsletter tool for your site can be configured to behave as desired and it will provide the best experience for your email subscribers at the same time.

Lethe works the way you do so you can focus on creating newsletters and giving your website the necessary exposure!

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You can design your own email templates or purchase email templates online to add to your template archive.

Subscribing Forms

Create custom forms to capture and hold specific values for subscribers such as name, company, phone, etc.

Categorized Subscribers

Create groups and lists to organise subscribers. Each list can behave differently and you can create private lists or even paid lists for exclusive content.

Black List Control

Email blacklists are a common way of reducing spam. Manage unwanted subscribers with IP, bounce and other reasons.

Export / Import

Large amount lists could be import without server issues. Also you can use third-party list imports for each softwares. (Wordpress, Magento, Prestashop, Opencart etc.)


An autoresponder is just a sequence of email marketing messages that gets sent to subscribers in the order and frequency that you decide.


You can connect with potential customers across their different devices, and reach them in the place they are going every day — the inbox.

Reports & Productivity Analysis

You can see which person open mails and click your links and you can see how many times repeated for each person.

Short Codes

You no need to retype the same information in each campaigns. Short Codes will dynamically replace your texts in your letters.

API Controls

You can call API URLs from different servers for new subscription, move, check or delete an subscriber.


You can manage your campaigns from any device, anywhere and keep works moving.

Multiple Layouts

You can change Lethe workbench layout if you want to use it darker or lighter views. All themes Twitter Bootstrap supported.

Multiple Languages

Lethe supported multi-languages and 24 language included.

Inline Help Tool

You no need to check document everytime for each sections, lightbox mini helper will help you want to learn how to work that field.

Easy Installation

You do not need to be an expert for installation. Step by step you can complete the installation by entering your informations.

Well Documentation

Clear and useful installation & usage guide. Systematic fields are shown with graphic illustrations

How Does It Work?

We have create some animations about e-mail marketing. How does subscribing, mailing, autoresponds work etc.. We hope you enjoy and it would be helpful.

Usage Videos

You can watch usage videos, when you stuck on a section. We have increase video numbers with your experiences.

Lethe Newsletter Full Features

Full Features

* Easy Installation, * SMTP / PHPMail / GMail Support, * E-Mail Submission Limits, * Multi-User System, * Multi Language, * Responsive, * Mobile Performance Feature, * Twitter Bootstrap Support, * Workbench Theme Selection, * AJAX / JSON Controls, * E-Mail Verification, * Bounce Mail Handler, * User Daily Sending Limit, * WYSIWYG Editor, * reCAPTCHA and Unique Form Keys, * API Support, * Static / Dynamic Short Codes, * Advanced Graphical Statistics, * Single E-Mail Sender, * Manually Verification E-Mail Sender, * Subscriber Specific Statistics, * Bulk Subscriber Actions (Delete, Move, Verification), * Advanced Subscriber Search, * Single and Double Verification, * Custom Subscription Forms (Unlimited Fields), * Subscriber JSON Data, * System Groups (Ungroup, Unsubscribe), * Group Merging, * Admin-side Subscriber Adder (by Created Forms), * Form Specific Error / Success Messages, * JQuery / JQueryUI Includer, * Selectable Save Areas For Form Fields (Table Fields), * Improved Export / Import System (Progress Bar, partitation operations), * Third Party Importing Features, * API Link Generator (Add, Remove, Move, Check, Blacklist), * Customizable System Templates (Unsubscribe, Thank You and Verification Pages), * LeUpload File Manager, * Resource Usage Limits, * Improved Submission Account Settings For Each Organization, * Organization Users, * New User Permission System, * E-Mail Engines (phpMailer, SwiftMailer), * Sending Methods (SMTP, phpMail, AmazonSES, MandrillApp, SendGrid), * DKIM Selector, * Debug Mode (On/Off), * System Notices (On/Off), * Workbench Themes, * Google reCaptcha, * Save Tree Signature (On/Off), * Subscriber Group Selection, * Launch Date, * Easy Template Selection, * Short Codes, * HTML and Alternative Mail Body, * Attachments, * Web View Option, * Run / Stop Campaigns, * Reset Campaign, * Advanced Reports, * Productivity Analysis, * Preview, * Test Campaign Sendings, * Action 1: After Subscription, * Action 2: After Unsubscription, * Action 3: Specific Date, * Action 4: Special Date, * Weekday Selection, * Campaign Finisher, * Sending Cycle Management

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Excellent Script - well written and fantastic prompt support

Envato Buyer
Envato Buyer

Great script something i was looking for and easy to use

Envato Buyer
Envato Buyer

Best newsletter system I have tried and the support is excellent.

Envato Buyer
Envato Buyer

The best Newsletter system i've ever use. Very friendly and customizability! Great Work !! Keep Good Job!

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